I don’t believe any of you guys missed this, but about two months ago Microsoft released the first Beta of BizTalk Server 2006. Boy what a lot improvements are in the package. Here a short list of new or altered features:

  • Much easier installation (next, next, finish)
  • Single mmc for all your administration needs
  • Easy creation of deployment packages (MSI generation)
  • Single-touch developer deployment
  • In order message processing
  • Subscribe to and handle suspended messages
  • Browse button for file locations (yeah, it still wasn’t there!)
  • MOM improvements
  • BizTalk API, so no more WMI hell
  • Application concept which keeps all your artifacts together
  • Some new and improved adapters
  • And a lot more

During my attendance at the BPI & Workflow conference early october I had the change to play with this baby for a while and I must say that the improvements really tilt the product to another level.

In future posts I will dive into these new and improved features and explore them a little.