Jolly, they got me! Dennis just tagged me. At first I had no clue what it meant, but it seems a game of tag, and now I’m it. This means I have to write five things not much people know about me. So here it goes :)

  1. My girlfriend is Tamara Bos and we’re together for over 7.5 years now. She’s my first and only true love and we are very happy with each other, especially now we are living together in Almere since last october.
  2. I wanted to be a comic writer. You could always find me draw, wherever I was. I got a book on how to draw comics and tried every technique in it. Since I got a real computer I don’t practice drawing anymore. These days I express myself when I design websites on the computer instead.
  3. I was very active in the mod tracking scene under various nick names, including DJ Schnibble and Snith. It started out as a joke when I wanted to cover the horrific song ‘Ik zing dit lied voor jou alleen’ by Jantje Smit. After that I covered ‘7PM’ by ATB and finally created about twenty tracks of various styles.
  4. I’ve made two short movies in a school contest and won the awards for best movie and best male and best music. The first movie was about a hippie who killed people because he needed meatloaf for in his soup. I created the complete sound effects track in mod tracker. Because I only had a video recorder I needed to dub the whole track to the tape at once. The second movie was called Split Second and it was about a detective who’s girlfriend got kidnapped. This was the first movie at the school contest to be edited completely on the computer. We added a lot of special effects like explosions, gun fire and sound effects.
  5. I played soccer for almost my whole life. At the age of five I wanted to play soccer, but was too young. Because they had one kid short I was added to the team at Unicum. My position on the field was left-back, but sometimes I played left-center. This means I didn’t score too often, but I didn’t care. For years I played in the highest team, but before I reached the age I could play for the first team I quit soccer. Mainly because I disliked the morale of a couple of players, but also because I needed time for my education. After my time on the field I played indoor soccer for a couple of years with some friends. When most of them quit I wanted to return to field soccer, but during the second training I made a wrong move and tore the meniscus of my right knee. I don’t play since then and won’t play it anymore. I’ve moved to other sports instead, like tennis and spinning.

Phiew, that’s it. Now I pass it along to Mark, Ronald, Olav, Tamara and Jeroen
Good luck, you’ve just been tagged!