A lot of people are waiting for a new release of MCE Guide Editor which hopefully fixes the bug that the channel order gets mixed up again after a reboot. Somewhere in the comments of the old post I mentioned I thought I’d found the bug and it was just a matter of days until the fix could be released. I was testing the tool agains a simulated set-up with preconfigured UPC guide listings. Unfortunately things work completely different when using Digital Terrestrial (for instance with FloppyDTV) and my fix didn’t work at all on my real media center setup. This brought me back to square one. I now need to figure out the complete guide listings database structure to be able to figure out how to rearrage the channels. The problem is that the structure is pretty complex and not straightforward. This means I’m still struggling for a fix.

If there are people that know the structure of the media center database or are willing to help me figure it out, please reach out to me by leaving a comment or by dropping me a mail. I hope we can together figure this thing out and release a fix.